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Soul’s Flight by Keith Mallett

Soul’s Flight by Keith Mallett

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Claudette Ortiz - Handcuffs

this is an anthem for mass incarcerated black love

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Aside from the fact that Walmart is actually not “capitalism gone wrong” but “capitalism gone very well according to its own logic”, the answer to this article’s hypothetical question is actually quite simple: the people who shop at Walmart are by-and-large those people who can’t afford to shop at the supposedly “ethical” stores that charge prices beyond what most people cannot afford. Indeed, that offensive “People of Walmart” site (which I refuse to link on principle) is evidence of this fact since it is primarily a site devoted to mocking the poor.
Hence, anti-consumerist politics is a lifestyle politics that assumes the problem with capitalism lurks at the point of consumption rather than the point of production; it assumes that the solution to capitalism is based on our buying choices, on de-commodifying by refusing to buy from big corporations, and living as pure anti-capitalists in an individual sense. The fact that the vast majority of people, especially those with the power to change society, cannot opt out in this kind of way, or the fact that buying at ‘ethical’ sites of production does not at all escape commodification, eludes this simplistic and self-righteous politics. Nor do most of the people who push this anti-consumerism see any contradiction in wearing clothes, walking down sidewalks, or living at the centres of capitalism which is entirely dependent on the brutal system they claim they are fighting when they make fun of people buying Banksy prints at Walmart.
Argh! Lifestyle Consumerist Politics!" (M-L-M Mayhem!)

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In a male-supremacist society, female power must logically appear illogical, mysterious, intimate, threatening. “Witch” stands for all those unnamable shadow acts of disappearance and withdrawal, self-cultivation, and self-medication that elude the social and sexual order Editors’ Note: Witches  (via bunnywomb)

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joss whedon, noted feminist who fired charisma carpenter for daring to be pregnant

joss whedon, white cishet male who decides that he gets to define feminism and rebrand it to make it more appealing to himself, while also erasing the entire history of feminism and ignoring the existence of the term womanist

joss whedon, making a speech about feminism whose only mention of a female is to dismiss her entirely

joss whedon, deciding that the biggest problem with feminism is in its name and not its history of being racist, transphobic, and homophobic

joss whedon, lacking all self-awareness when twisting a brilliant junot diaz quote about poc representation to mean representation for white cis females

joss whedon, trying to equate sexism and racism while completely ignoring that woc exist and can experience both at the same time

joss whedon saying equality is important!!!!! but not casting a single asian person in his show grounded in the fusion of asian - western culture and also equating reavers (literally referring to them as the monsters of the story) with the apache

wait hold up, ignore all that, i should just be super grateful to joss “what is privilege and intersectionality?” whedon for having the courage to speak over women on a continuous basis

eta: now with links for all you asswipes who think i’m making this up solely to demonize your precious white cishet male hero (a lot of this shit is about his recent fucking terrible equality now speech)

joss whedon saying women are defined by not having a “peeny/balls” and the tries to pass it off as a joke, deletes the tweet, and completely fails to engage with trans issues when called out.

But It’s ok because buffy, right?

gross gross gross is it time to add to this post now?

  • the aforementioned tweet
  • everything in this post
  • changing a character (who he did not create) that was very, very firmly established as genderqueer and writing some “but they’re really female” bullshit
  • casting a white, blonde woman to play a jewish/romani character
  • casting (surprise!) a white woman to play an ethnically ambiguous character
  • pretty much every interaction between mal and inara, in which he calls her a whore constantly, but it’s okay because he ~loves~ her
  • complete erasure of bisexuality, because apparently, willow’s previous relationships with men (oz, for one) do not matter because "hello! gay now!" and that entire “him” episode
  • being incredibly proud of himself for the “mewling quim” line in the avengers because what we really, really needed in the world was for yet another gendered insult to enter back into cultural consciousness
  • there is an endless amount of shit i could list

basically, joss whedon remains a huge fucking asshole who refuses to learn (and shuts down anybody who tries to educate him) and how many more racist, sexist, transphobic, all around shitty comments does he have to make before people stop idolizing him and defending his every move?

also the sexism and racism in his shows include

Eurocentric, patriarchal depiction of a heroine - buffy is essentially just a sexualized version of the traditional male superhero

defining “true happiness” is only achieved by getting laid (having het sex with a teenage blonde girl)

excessive scenes of violence against women, getting punched in the face by friends, getting raped by friends, getting thrown against walls by friends, etc.

Eurocentric and whitewashed pantheon (for example portraying Osiris as white)

red face

the first slayer started off as a spider demon, its hairy legs morph into a bearded black woman’s dread locs, she is described as “primal animal force, beast, savage, killer, pure destruction”

giving black characters only side-roles and then killing them off

giving black characters one-dimensional + negative stereotypical roles

equating darkness with evil & horror

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Anonymous asked: Why do you detest Freud?







Because I’ve studied Psychology. 

Freud’s theories are unscientific, they’re untestable, they’re prone to circular reasoning, and are just… well, nonsense. He got the idea for his theory of the unconscious because he didn’t believe a patient when she told him her father had molested her, his reasoning was ‘a man would never do that, that must be repressed sexual fantasies.’ The vast majority of his so called clinical assessments are useless, because again - they’re based on nonsense. Thanks to him the general public to have this very misinformed view of psychology and as a result he’s set the science back because people assume that all of it is as wishy-washy and unfounded as the theories of a cocaine addict with a mother fixation.

Agree 100% and I think his theories, such as they are, actually continue to set back physiological progress to this day.

I may have once rolled my eyes when a professor mentioned we were going to study Freud and then giggled because I thought she was joking when she said she was a firm believer in Freudian analysis.

She didn’t really like me….

I took a psychology class at a community college in rural NC taught by a badass feminist army veteran. We got to the chapter on Freud and she literally said: “We’re not going to study this because it’s bullshit.” We spent exactly one class discussing why it was bullshit, then moved on to study the scientific method, Milgram and Harlow, and the development of ethical standards in the field of psychology. That is what Freud is to people who actually understand his contribution to the field: a gateway into discussing the way ideas become scientific theories and the ethics surrounding the development of said theories.

Because it’s not science if you literally say, “I don’t trust this woman because lol hysterical vagina syndrome, here’s the only misogynistic explanation for what’s going on, she is totes envious of the penis, haha, fact.”

I’m so glad I’m not the only person who recognizes this

Plus his theories are HUGELY based on eurocentric reasoning (and also in heteronormavity and misogyny.)

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"Childless" women have been burned as witches, persecuted as lesbians, have been refused the right to adopt children because they were unmarried. They have been seen as embodiments of the great threat to male hegemony: the woman who is not tied to the family, who is disloyal to the law of heterosexual pairing and bearing. These women have nonetheless been expected to serve their term for society as missionaries, nuns, teachers, nurses, maiden aunts; to give, rather than sell their labour if they were middle-class; to speak softly, if at all, of women’s condition. Adrienne Rich (via the-uncensored-she)

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It’s a crime, the lie that has been told to generations of black men and white men both. Little innocent black children, born of parents who believed that their race had no history. Little black children seeing, before they could talk, that their parents considered themselves inferior. Innocent black children growing up, living out their lives, dying of old age-and all of their lives ashamed of being black. But the truth is pouring out of the bag now.

The Autobiography of Malcolm X

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Been living with it for too long!


Okay. I have to say this because it’s become so frequent in my life. I experienced it when I was a kid/teen, but I never knew what it was about; I never knew why. Now that I am an adult, I notice it a lot more, and I am sick of it. I know that a lot of people will be pissed off and offended at me for saying it, but I am offended that I have to live with it… I am sick and tired of the insidious, scathing, sometimes direct/sometimes indirect everyday racism that black men show to black women! Of course, not all black men do this, but damn, a lot of them do! An overwhelming amount of them do.

Every day that I am on campus, leaving one of my classes, or waiting for one of my classes, I get eyerolls and disgusted stares by black men. It’s like, they have some sort of problem with my presence. I can’t tell you how many times I have been purposely bumped into by a black man, and I know that it is done intently because I can feel them stiffen up their shoulders or bodies when they do it. One day, I was sitting at a table, eating a sandwich and watching a young black guy ask for people to sign some petition that he was promoting. I watched him politely ask the white girls and the latino girls, and no matter how rude they were to him, he remained as polite as polite can be. Then he came to me. I noticed how his body language and his tone changed. He took a deep breath and obnoxiously sighed as if he was reluctant to ask me. When he asked, he had a rather belligerent attitude, and refused to look me in my eyes. I only shook my head, because I refused to say a word to this moron. When black men find out that I am an art major, they get… Angry..? Seriously, they get angry and tell me that I am lying because "black women don’t know shit about art or comic books!" The other day, a black guy came up to me, pretending to have an interest in me, but he was really just going out of his way to insult me. Like, he was bored so find a black girl to insult for fun, yay! He asked me if I had kids, I said no. Then he said that “all black women your age have kids, so what’s wrong with you?” He didn’t even know my fucking age! Whenever I happen to walk by a black guy talking to a white girl, I noticed that the black guy will stare at me and smirk, as if he thinks he’s hurting my feelings and proud of it. I just want to stop and tell them that I’ve got 99 problems and their asses ain’t one!

I even have relatives who are like this, too. My own nephew, who is only 4 years younger than me, has directly told me that he wishes that I was “ratchet” so that he could laugh and look down on me. He says it a lot. He has directly told me that he hopes that I don’t finish college and am forced to go on welfare and live in the “projects,” while he lives in a mansion. It would make him feel good about himself if that happened, even though he’s in college too. He takes any little opportunity to take a shot at me. I have cousins who exhibit their hatred for black women so much that I just can’t bare to be around them; I am happy when I don’t see them for a couple of years. 

I am sick of the black men who call me an ugly bitch because I refused to give them my number. I am sick of it when they tell me that I am “too pretty to be black,” so I “must be half white.”  I am sick of it when they aggressively challenge me for showing any type of hobby or personality trait that they don’t think is stereotypical of black women. I am sick of being challenged, by them, for just being me! I am sick of them talking down to me. I am sick of them intruding on forums or blogs that are dedicated to black women, just so that they can try to tear black women down in comments. Why do they do this? STOP!