There are many books today that are related to the word Aztec, which were written in reference to people who built one of the world’s greatest civilizations in the world prior to the European invasion of 1519, the people who were our ancestors, the Mexica.   Again, the proper and correct name of the people who are called Aztecs and who built the marvelous city of Tenochtitlan, is Mexica.

We never called ourselves Aztec.  Not even the Spaniards called us Aztec.  Aztec is the 19th century invention of one Englishman named Kingsborough and one American named Prescott.

In most books when we are introduced to the word Aztec we are given the racist and self-serving version of the civilization of the Mexica.  We are told that the Mexica of the valley of Mexico who encountered Hernan Cortez and his Spanish invading soldier-pirates in the beginning of the sixteenth century were inferior to the Europeans.

The sixteenth century Spaniards were left in amasement as they trespassed into the city of Tenochtitlan, where for the first time they saw government assigned street cleaners beautifying a city that was the home of a population of 350,000 people.  London was Europe’s largest city and it only had a population of about 80,000 people.
Little by little you will see the lies that we have all been fed about the Mexica (Aztecs).

The word Aztec is a real word derived from the word Aztlan.  Aztlan was the ancestral northern home of several groups of people that migrated into the valley of Mexico and its surrounding areas.  We are talking about the people of Tenochtitlan (Mexica), Tlaxcala, Chalco, Xochimilco, Malinalco, Texcoco, and Huexotzinco. The different waves of these northern migrants all knew that they had a common origin in Aztlan and Chicomoztoc, which was different from the majority of the people in what became known as the Valley of Mexico.

The word Aztec is consistently misused to only identify the Mexica as coming from Aztlan-Chicomoztoc while leaving out the other groups that settled in the valley of Mexico who are also of Aztlan origin.

We must add that the Mexica never called themselves Aztecs, we say this because not one document (primary source) exists today where the Mexica called themselves Aztecs.  The other names that the Mexica did call themselves were Culhua or Tenochca, which can be found in primary sources like the Florentine Codices.

We are Nican Tlaca, 
the Indigenous People of Canada, U.S., Mexico, 
”Central and South America”

We reject all European divisions of our continent.

We reject the artificial border divisions of our people.

We reject the White Supremacist ideology 
that claims Europeans are permanently endowed 
with the right to define who we are as a people.

We include “First Nation” and “Native American”, “Indigenous People”, full-blood and mixed-blood, 
all as one Nican Tlaca Nation.

We say, “No to occupation! Yes to liberation!”

We say, “This is still our continent! It is our land.”
 We say, “Europeans are the illegals—-since 1492!”


 “Hispanic” “Latino”
 “Latin Americans”
 “Indians” “Invaders”

First poster image of calendar reads:

This art is of the Nican Tlaca Race! Mexica Civilization! Anahuac Nation!

Nican Tlaca means “Indigenous to this continent.” Mexica Civilization is what is falsely called “Aztec.” Anahuac is this whole continent that is falsely called “North America.”

NOT Hispanic or Latino also NOT Raza and NOT Mestizo

Hispanic = Spaniard

Spaniard = European

Latino = Latin = Roman

Roman = European

Raza = Pride In Rape

Mestizo = Raza

Second Poster reads:



True pride will come from knowing the accomplishments of our ancestors. They will be our role models, the inspiration for us to achieve greatness for our people once again.


Our true identity is based on our Mexica civilization and on our Anahuac heritage! We are not Europans just because they have raped our people and forced their Spanish and English languages and cultures on us. We are Mexica!

Olmec (2300 B.C.) Our mother-father Anahuac civilization begins with the Olmec corn culture in the eastern part of what is now called Mexico and “Central America”

Tlatilco (1200 B.C.) Valley of Mexico’s Tlatilco is influenced by the Olmec

Zapotec (600 B.C.) Olmec civilization spreads to the Oaxaca Zapotec area

Maya (600 B.C.) Olmec civilization spreads to the Maya in what is now called southern Mexico and “Central America”

Cuicuilco (600 B.C.) In the valley of Mexico begins what eventually becomes the buildings of the first major large town.

Adena (500 B.C.) In the far north, in what is now called the “Midwestern United States”, begins this great culture. This culture was also Olmec influenced.

Teotihuacan (300 B.C.) In the valley of Mexico begins what eventually became the largest city in the world around 500 A.D.

Hopewell (200 B.C.) In the periphery of the Mississippi river area was this great Olmec-influenced moundbuilding culture.

Toltec (700 A.D.) This great civilization spread over what is called Mexico and “Central America” to influence the Maya in the south and the Anasazi corn culture in the north.

Mexica (1300 A.D.) This was the last great civilization of Anahuac. From the Mexica we get most of what we consider Mexican and “Central American” culture. Our food, language, customs, and history are all Mexica influenced in one way or another. From Mexica we can reconstruct our identity and Anahuac nation. 

Also civilizations: Izapa, Purepecha, Otomi, Huaxtec, Tajin, Mixtec, Pipil, Anasazi, Mogollon, Hohokam, Zuni, Pueblo, Hopi, and dozens of tribal cultures that ere influenced by our Olmec mother-father civilization.

Our civilizations are older than Greek/Roman (Latino) civilizations. Our identity is not Latino/Hispanic! Not European! We are indigenous to this land! We are Mexica (Meh-shee-kah)!

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